East Haddam Democrats


Our Mission and Core Values


We are committed to enhancing and preserving a quality of life that celebrates diversity, works for equity and social justice, protects our environment, promotes sustainable economics, and increases opportunities for all to live safely and to live well.

To that end we support:

  • Transparency and access to all levels of government; timely town meetings on issues of common interest;
  • An economic plan which brings in sustainable and compatible economic development thus enhancing the public services needed to maintain a safe and flourishing community;
  • High educational standards with goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely;
  • Opportunities for youth to grow, develop, recreate and contribute to the community;
  • Opportunities for our seniors to participate and thrive in our community;
  • An appreciation of the East Haddam area and support for its cultural, scenic, and environmental values;
  • Celebrating diversity through community action;
  • Joint cooperation with the State and Federal Government leading to local benefits;
  • A commitment to the Connecticut State Democratic Party Core Values*

 We will achieve these goals while maintaining fiscal accountability to the public at large.